August 2020 

Summer is in full swing and everything is different with the COVID-19 virus.  I broke my wrist and had surgery 8 weeks ago and am able to play again - this makes me very happy!!  All the concerts that would have been had been canceled and so I guess it's an ok time to be laid up.  

Acoustic Rainbow 50 is in the hands of radio stations around the world, and my song "Yellowbud" is being played in Israel and the Netherlands - the Dj's have received other CD's from me and are playing even more of my songs.  In…

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May 2020 

Facebook Live concert coming up on May 14 at 7 pm - click here 

The Woodward Living Room Series is scheduled to start June 19 in the main Opera House at 7 pm with social distancing in terms of seating.  Tickets sold for the March 20 show will be honored for this.  We are truly hoping and praying that the show is able to take place as we open up from our sheltering..... 

The newest Acoustic Rainbow CD is finished and being distributed to radio stations.  My song Yellowbud is on the CD, along with a new song…

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Concerts are happening at the Woodward Opera House - my show is March 20 at 7 PM and is the start of the Living Room Series featuring Ohio singer-songwriters.  And there are many others so be sure to check the schedule here

Updating the website - the podcasts of the American Story are up and running!  Chris Flannery and his crew do a beautiful job, and some of the music displayed by my friend Alayne Wegner and me!

Acoustic Rainbow's new compilation should be out soon, featuring a song of mine called Yellowb

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Fall stuff 

Lots of things going on with podcasts!  

The American Story by Christopher Flannery is now live - some of the background music (violin and guitar) was done by Alayne Wegner and myself. The stories are inspiring and thought-provoking - Christopher Flannery's voice is a delight to listen to!

Hilltown Family Variety Show has featured two of my songs on their weekly podcasts.  The music is fun and folky (but not always) and perfect for all ages -= particularly good for families to gather around and listen to…

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I just returned from the Swannanoa Gathering and had a wonderful time with John Gorka, Don Henry, Amy Speace, Peter Mulvey and many others!   Soon to come - some videos from the Rialto Theatre with Kerry Kean (as Goslee Reed and Kean), and with Rock Salt and Nails.  

The American Story podcasts are finished and will be live in September - more to follow.

The final Summer Music Garden concert is August 11 - I rehearsed with Kare Strong while at Swannanoa and we are ready for her wonderful show in the…

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Podcast of American Stories 

I have been working on providing some of the music for a podcast of American Stories.  My friend and fellow musician, Alayne Wegner, and I are recording some traditional American folk songs on guitar and violin, so violin duets of hymns, and some original music to be used in these podcasts which are written and performed by Christopher Flannery, at the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University.  We are hoping these will be ready for the July 4th holiday!

Acoustic Rainbow CD 

My song "Yellowbud" will be featured on the next Acoustic Rainbow CD which is mailed to 500+ radio stations! This makes me very happy, and makes my granddaughter do a little dance, since the song is one I wrote for her.

Goslee Reed & Kean 

My duo with Kerry Kean has been busy the past few summers playing in lovely outdoor venues.  Out favorite is not exactly outdoors - rather it is inside an old stone chapel called Quarry Chapel in Gambier, Ohio.  We like it so much we recorded our CD there a few years ago.  This past fall we recorded a few new original songs there and now have a CD of all our own tunes, plus a fiddle tune in the public domain.  This CD, cleverly titled Goslee Reed & Kean, is now available from CD Baby, iTunes and all those…

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New in 2019 

So much has been happening in my home town of Mount Vernon lately - the biggest thing is the opening of the Woodward Opera House.  This historic gem was built in 1853 and has been restored to the 1880's look.  The main hall seats almost 500 people, and there are two smaller theaters in the adjacent building (the annex) that each seat 125-150 - one is a black box and will host our new Living Room Series.  The various facilities can be rented for weddings, parties and business functions.  Be sure to visit…

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