Sleep Like Fish

Sarah Goslee Reed

Melody, whimsy, and a love for nature describe my personality in song - whether I write the song or choose a cover tune.

I sang some of these songs to my kids when they were little, and now to theirs; some are new songs written for them. The Lyrics for To-Bed Song came from Phil Ruopp, who I met in Yellow Springs, Ohio. We corresponded for years sharing poetry and songs. I sang The Ponyman to my son during a visit to the dentist. Lullaby Time in the Desert is a delight to sing and play - something I suspected the first time I heard it. I’ve been singing Epistle to Derroll since college and discovered (finally!) Derroll Adams was a friend of Donovan’s, a spectacular banjo player with tatoos on his fingers (what did we do before Google?) Yellowbud and Now We Are Family were written for Cassie and Callen, respectively, and The Timeless Rocker has a new verse for them as well. Morningtown Ride is one of my favorite songs by Malvina Reynolds, and Baby Beluga was the only song that stopped my granddaughter from crying when she was a baby. Thank you to Camp Ned (Darryl Purpose, Paul Zollo, Tracy Grammer and Peter Mulvey) for the prompt to write The Marrow of Our Bones, and to Margaret Wise Brown’s The Sleepy Book for the inspiration for Sleepy Song. These might just be my favorite songs, although I always deny such things. Sleep well, even if you sleep like fish with your eyes open.

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