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New!! celebrating the positive in life, tunes about the garden, the mystery of a large oak table, a piano, a neon sign, a wolf, and more. "The Hole in His Heart" raises funds for teens' mental health and self-esteem.

plenty, n. sufficiency, abundance, profusion, amplitude…..also: plenty ~ the 2012 new CD from Sarah Goslee Reed ~ a cornucopia of songs celebrating the positive in life, with original tunes about the garden, the mystery of a large oak table, a piano, a neon sign, a wolf, and more. These songs could be called my take on our economic times, but more importantly address the differences between needs and wants that confuse us and throw our lives into chaos. One of these songs, “All Living Things”, was written by a group of first graders - such wisdom and sensibility in their words! Another is about the planting of some 7,000 trees in a local arboretum. What could be better than to plant a tree?
But the song that is most special is one I wrote in response to the loss of a dear friend’s grandson. Dedicated to Wesley Garrett and his loving family, a portion of each sale goes to the Wesley Garrett Memorial Fund at Black River Middle School in Sullivan, Ohio to support children’s mental health programs. There was an emptiness in Wes that no one knew was there until it was too late to fill it. May the song “The Hole in His Heart”, as well as another called “The Piano”, remind us to get close to each other, to talk, to love, to distinguish wants from needs, and to recognize the plenty that we all have.

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