August 2020

Summer is in full swing and everything is different with the COVID-19 virus.  I broke my wrist and had surgery 8 weeks ago and am able to play again - this makes me very happy!!  All the concerts that would have been had been canceled and so I guess it's an ok time to be laid up.  

Acoustic Rainbow 50 is in the hands of radio stations around the world, and my song "Yellowbud" is being played in Israel and the Netherlands - the Dj's have received other CD's from me and are playing even more of my songs.  In this messy time, music makes a difference to everyone!

Also, prior to breaking my wrist, I had the opportunity to be involved in the making of a video celebrating our little town of Mount Vernon, Ohio - a handful of local musicians and talented engineers and videographers made this all possible - have a look/listen!