Happy April!

My Spring concert on March 20 was loads of fun and I had lots of wonderful listeners on Facebook and YouTube!  I am in a songwriting class with Jon Vezner, and one of the songs in the show, The Healing, is one that Jon and fellow classmates gave helped me with.  Here is what he had to say about my show:

  • "I'm about half way through your show. I knew you were good but I'm really blown away. Songs, performance, sound, video all really good. Makes me proud to have a chance to work with you" - Jon Vezner

I also received a beautiful hand-written note in the mail from a good friend.  Her words mean so much to me, and I will save her note forever!

  • "I did not anticipate how deeply moved I would be by your presence and the music and words to your songs. Each one had something that touched the core of who I am - and the journey I am on - I felt validated and uplifted and inspired by the evening spent with you.  Thank you for the lovely gift of music, positivity, and depth of human experience, shared and affirmed.  I am so honored to have you as a friend." - Fran

The concert was expertly recorded by my good friend Skip Trask - his audio is always superb, and the video work with three cameras is amazing!!  I am recording new songs in his studio - plans are for a summer finish!