From the recording What's This Doing Here?

It is amazing (and somewhat frightening) what you can find in a fifth graders' desk, locker or backpack!! 


What’s This Doing Here? By Fifth Grade, Pleasant St., 1/10    CHORUS:    What’s this doing here? I should take this home    Mom’s asked me for days wondering where it’s gone    What’s this doing here? It could become compost!    Maybe I should throw it out - this is really gross!!I reached inside my messy desk to grab my science bookInstead I found a wad of gum - I don’t even want to lookI reached in further and pulled out a piece of moldy toastThe teacher’s wig and sunglasses. I turned white as a ghostWhen Bailey stuck his head in there and let out a girlish scream (AAHHH)He found the nest of my pet rat and said, “Josie, it’s time to clean.”Some bitten off erasers, sweaty gym shoes and a shirtThe principal’s black panther, she will really go berserk!    CHORUSI looked into my backpack and began to squirmA dusty dried out toothbrush and a box of wormsI heard my cell phone ringing and had to find it fastMy hand felt something furry and I pulled out a catUnderneath all that I found some pizza that was greenA squished up candy bar and a pair of old blue jeansNext was baby brother and some underwearThe principal’s black laptop - how did THAT get there??    CHORUSI opened up my locker searching for my coatWhat I found surprised me - there was mom’s meatloaf!Way down in the bottom I spied some soggy friesAnd there was last week’s homework, right before my eyes.I started going through this stuff and found a Christmas wreathStuck to it was a stinky sock and Grandma’s missing teethHalf eaten yogurt and a purple cowThe principal’s blackberry, I’m in trouble now!!    CHORUS