The Mysterious Case of the Missing Homework by Third Grade, Pleasant St., 1/10    CHORUS:    I did it! I wrote it! I promise it was there!    But my homework’s missing, it’s not anywhere!Almost every day homework gets assigned I turn it in the next day so I won’t get behindI can’t find my homework and I don’t have a clueI’ll call up a detective and he’ll know what to doHere I am to help you!  Sherlock Homework is my name!Was it math or science, was your dog to blame?Did you flush it down the toilet or leave it at someone’s house?Was it covered up with ketchup or chewed up by a mouse?    CHORUSDoes your mom have it?  Did it sprout legs and run away?Is it in somebody’s stomach?  Should we order an X-ray?Perhaps it’s in your book bag, or maybe still at school?Did you cut it up with scissors and drop it in the pool?    Is it inside your agenda or maybe in mom’s purse?Did the baby spit up on it? OOOH what could be worse? Maybe a magician made it disappearDid he put it in your pocket or maybe in your ear?    CHORUSMaybe someone stole it or mailed it awayTo Africa or Asia far from the USACould it be under a mattress or Abe Lincoln’s hat?Perhaps it went through the wash, did you think of that?“No” I said to all his questions, “now what can we do?”Sherlock came to school with me to look around my roomHe talked to the teacher who said, “You silly kid!”“You gave it to me yesterday, no need to flip your lid!”    LAST CHORUS    I did it! I wrote it! I knew that it was done!    My teacher had it all along, now I’l go have some fun!