Antonym Land

Sarah Goslee Reed
Sarah and Pleasant St. Elementary Kids


Antonym Land by Second Grade, Pleasant St., 1/10

The world is always round
We’d fall off if it were flat
Go from the center to the edge
Peek underneath and what’s that??

    Antonym Land, isn’t it grand?  There’s no Synonym in Antonym Land
    Go under not over, don’t walk just stand   To get to Antonym Land

Oh we fall up and land in the sea,  Fly down and be in the sky
We play in the mud and come out clean, Onions make us laugh and not cry!

We set our alarms to go to sleep, We stop when we see the light’s green
Ice cubes are warm instead of cold, but we’re not sure we like ice cream!


Volcanoes are as cold as ice, in winter we can get snowburn
Feathers are hard and heavy as lead, cheetahs are as slow as a worm!

Molasses and sloths can move really fast, Rockets crawl on the ground
We go to sleep with our head on a brick,  A roaring lion doesn’t make a sound.


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