We Planted Trees Today

Sarah Goslee Reed
Words by Frank Goulde; Music by Sarah Goslee Reed


This was a poem given to me by the daughter of the man who planted 7,000 trees at Ramser Arboretum in Jelloway, Ohio.  Frank Goulde wrote the poem for Russ Ramser's birthday to celebrate the creation of the arboretum.  I set it to music and Darell's banjo part and the harmony singers gave it a life of its own!



We planted trees today over Shadley Valley way
We planted tress today hmmm

Those trees now firmly planted in the soil
Will someday shelter those who toil
And when the autumn hues are bright
Many view them with delight


In my heart I know God made them tall
For children to climb and adults to hold in awe
Splendors are many that’s His plan
All spread out across this land


    No greater legacy a man can leave
    Than his good name and that he planted a tree


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