Used Guitars and Violins

Sarah Goslee Reed


I wrote this song long ago after seeing this neon sign, but it never told the true story.  Now it does, thanks to the inspiration from my writers group.



    Used guitars and violins
    Play a song from long ago
    Like a once familiar place
    Where or when I don’t quite know

Road closed one mile ahead
Had to turn and venture on
Unknown treasure down the way
Made me glad the bridge was gone

Wandered in an old junk store
Captivated by a light
Cursive letters in an arc
Purple neon glowing bright
Far from home, no cash to spare
I browsed around the store and then
In my car with some regret
Following the road again

Forty years I still recall
The window lit up by that sign
Though I left it hanging there
I sing about it all the time


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