Sarah Goslee Reed


A comparison of my garden flowers to music...another old song that I re-worked - much better this time!


A hint of spring drifts through the air, a sign of things to come
Tho gazing from my window, the snow is not yet done
Sooner comes the light of morn, it lingers till it’s late
And greener things will then spring forth that now beneath do wait
    Oh the roses and the peonies, petals on the floor
    Lavender and yarrow are the ones that will endure

A misty rain, a thunderstorm, the warming of the sun
How can it be from such dead brown living things do come?
The flowers picked hang upside down to dry until the day
Becomes so short the smell of them will carry me away

Blossoms in my garden are  like music in my ears
Bringing joy and moving me close to tears
A song is like a potpourri of petals in a jar
The melodies drift on the wind, they’re flowers from afar

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