Sarah Goslee Reed


Our table has been in the family for 40 years - it came from a little cottage in the woods with many pieces of hand made oak furniture.  For years it was in my dad's home and now we are blessed to have it in our kitchen.  The first time my husband and I sat down and had a meal at it here in our home, we both burst into tears, remembering family events that took place.  I wish I knew more of its history....


Gather at the table, pull up a chair
A little conversation happens there
Somethin’ ‘bout this table and its history
Some of it we know and some’s a mystery

Once it was an oak tree up north in Ohio
Standin’ tall and strong through years of sun and snow
Maybe hit by lightning, maybe felled by wind
Surely there was thunder as it cracked within

Two planks to reach across, about a forearm wide
Thicker than my hand, the center groove off to one side
Seven feet from end to end, a trestle underneath
Runs between two mighty legs that rest upon four feet


Dark brown and smooth, but for the knot where I sit
Shaped like a star, indented where my fingers fit
Children playing games while women mended what was torn
Fingers met across this table and plans were born

Handmade by a carpenter in another time and place
Passed down through families, Thanksgiving saying grace
Babies taking their first meals here have babies of their own
All hands that touched this surface join us in our home


    We are blessed to have this in our kitchen
    So many stories to listen…, as we gather at the table, pull up a chair (continue chorus)

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