Feed the Right Wolf

Sarah Goslee Reed


A popular story circulating in many places about a Native American boy and his grandfather. The boy asks his wise grandfather how to manage his life with evil in so many places.  He explains there are two wolves inside him and the outcome depends on which wolf he decides to feed.


Grandfather, I am afraid
There’s a choice to be made
When the time comes, how will I know
Which way to turn, which way to go?
    Inside you are two wolves
    One full of anger and fear
    Dark are his eyes, mean is his heart
    Be careful when he’s near
        Feed the right wolf
        Feed the right wolf
        Feed the right wolf
        Feed the right wolf

Grandfather, I am confused  
You said there were two
Two wolves inside me, two in my heart
How can I tell … tell them apart?
    The right wolf is the one
    Who is open and kind
    Bright are his eyes, clean is his heart
    Make him welcome and find (how to)
        Feed the right wolf
        Feed the right wolf
        Feed the right wolf
        Feed the right wolf

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