All Living Things

Sarah Goslee Reed


This was written with the help of first graders at Dan Emmett Elementary in my home town of Mount Vernon, Ohio.  This was part of a song-writing project with the entire school whereby all the songs had to do with science, resulting in the CD called Songs of Science


CHORUS: What do we need, all living things? What do we need, all living things?

We need air with oxygen that comes from the trees on the wind
Can’t hold it in your hand, but feel it on your face; It’s everywhere…. but not in outer space

We need food to help us grow so we can run and play ready, set, go
If you’re a bear or a busy bee, whatever you you energy

We need water clean and good to drink, the taste on your tongue keeps you in the pink
If you’re a plant, you get it from the ground from rivers and rain…water’s all around

We need shelter from too much sun;  ice and snow will make you numb
Home where it’s safe, it might be in the sea, in a den or a cave, your house or in a tree

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