I am excited to be attending two songwriting events this year - one in February: Ten Pound Fiddle Red Cedar Songwriting Festival in East Lansing, Michigan with Jamie-Sue Seal, John Latini and Jonathan Kingham, and the other Camp Ned in Nederland Colorado, with Darryl Purpose.  Can't wait for either of these!!

Also coming up will be the fourth year of the Summer Music Garden concert series in Mount Vernon - this has been such a fun series to put together each year.  We are just planning the dates and performers, so stayed tuned.  Check out the website www.summermusicgarden.com or find us on Facebook as well.

Stay tuned for more info on new recordings too!

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Upcoming shows:

  • Mar 1
    Highland High School,  Marengo
  • Mar 20
    Woodward Opera House,  Mount Vernon
  • Apr 17
    Paxton Theater,  Bainbridge

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