Sarah Goslee Reed
Sarah Goslee Reed


This was inspired from a sermon by David Baker at the Gay Street United Methodist Church in my home town....the first line was the beginning of his sermon.  I kind of lost track after that - good thing I had a pen and the church program!!




People are the only things that worry, worry, worry

Antelopes and canteloupes don’t worry, cause they’re having too much fun!

This little river keeps rollin along

Going where it’s going cause it’s gone where it’s gone

Bumpin into rocks as it flows downstream

Not thinkin much of gravity...


This little maple is rooted to the spot

Thankful that it has whatever it’s got

Patiently waiting for rain and sun

Not plannin a summer vacation....


Dogs and cats sleeping in the sun

Glad for a treat when the day is done

Happy to play but they don’t think much

Never worry ‘bout keeping in touch


A big old mountain is nothing but stone

He goes to work by staying home

Rain and wind will wear him away

But if the mountain could talk, I bet he would say...


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