White Picket Fences

Sarah Goslee Reed
Sarah Goslee Reed


Growing up in Cleveland, my mother and I would ride a bus downtown to shop at the department stores. We would dress up and wear patent leather shoes and white gloves, have lunch, she would try on hats and if I behaved I would get a new outfit for my Ginny doll.   A little nostalgia in the other verses too! 

PS I am the cowboy too :)


White Picket Fences

Sitting on the corner where the dandelions have

Gone to seed and blown away

A little girl is weaving daisies into a chain,

While the sound of the marching band fades

Strapping on his holster, it’s the 4th of July,

With his hat and chaps of real suede.

His pony has two wheels, crepe paper wrapped ‘round the spokes,

Hopin’ for first place in the parade.

CHORUS: Where are the white picket fences,

               That took all summer to paint?

               An American elm with a hammock,

               And a stand selling 5-cent lemonade?

In black patent leather shoes and white cotton gloves

Mother and daughter’s elegant lunch

On the escalator to the twelfth floor and back

Home with a hat box, our laps full on the bus

Swingin’ on the front porch with their heads leanin’ back

There’s a full moon out there on the rise

Driftin’ to a rhythm only new love can hear

And if it’s cloudy there’s still stars in their eyes

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