Sarah Goslee Reed
Sarah Goslee Reed


If only things could be so easily undone as to highlight and select "undo" from the menu....sigh....



I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered how we got here

How can it be we’ve got all this There’s no answer that’s clear

We’ve struggled, we’ve cried,

We’ve shrugged our shoulders and sighed

We’ve waited, we’ve tried

To learn what works best but in spite.....of it all


I did this to you, you did this to me

We did this to each other

You can blame it on a rotten past

You can blame it on your mother

I firmly believe that some things just

Happen on their own

Whatever it takes to make us last (trust)

Whatever takes us home

Whatever it takes to set us free

Is what I have to do

To undo what you did to me

And what I did to you

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