Time to Finish

Sarah Goslee Reed
Sarah Goslee Reed


Everyone always tells me to write a song about every little thing.  I wanted to celebrate finishing this sweater in  only 12 years but it took a while to get it.  What amazes me about knitting is how if you don't tie it off at the end, you can just pull the yarn and the whole thing comes undone in no time! auugghhh!!!!! The whole song is true by the way...even the Barbie clothes!




Some things take time to finish

Some things come undone on their own

Sometimes it makes me wonder

What should I give away, what should I keep and call my own

When I missed a day of school I had to stay in bed

Weaving potholders and listening to the radio

I knit a hat that covered up my ears and chin

It kept me warm on days when I played in the snow

I even taught some friends to knit, we made our Barbies clothes

Scarves and dresses, hotpants and a matching vest

Years later there were baby things, even something for myself,

But family called, a front, a sleeve went in the cedar chest


My high school friend reminded me of a sweater she had made

The front and back were short, the sleeves a foot too long

She said we’re all like stitches, knit together, firmly bound

Time will not unravel us, our yarn is good and strong

Those pieces of my sweater flew out from the cedar chest

The yarn and needles found their way in to my hands

Twelve years from start to finish, now I wear it in the cold

I wrap myself in friendship and I understand


Some things take time to finish

Some things come undone on their own

Sometimes it makes me wonder

Some things I give away, but friends I’ll keep my whole life long

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