Smilin' on Me

Sarah Goslee Reed
Sarah Goslee Reed


All the things in the chorus have happened to me....the owl in the road looked like a very big cat, woodpeckers are always pounding on our house, and the mantises hatched out one New Year's Day,   their egg case having come in on our Christmas tree!  What a treat it was...especially me gathering them all up and putting them on my plants hoping they would survive....where are the aphids when you need them???




Great horned owl in the middle of the road

Woodpecker callin from a tree

Praying mantises in my house

Someone is smilin on me....someone is smilin on me

Like the owl my eye is watchin'

Silently earthbound

Piercing the darkness with my stare

For movement on the ground

Listening for that sound


Like a woodpecker I’m searching

For some sustenance

Pounding on this wood as hard as I can

Balancing on this branch

Lookin for a chance


Like the mantises I’m praying

Hoping to make amends

Forgiveness - understanding

For the healing of a friend

Even peace among all men


Tragedy beside me - Disaster on my sleeve

Can Mother Nature guide me - Teach me to believe?


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