Like the Light of the Moon

Sarah Goslee Reed
Sarah Goslee Reed


Music takes us to another time and place.  I wrote this for my dad on his 75th birthday - his solo is my favorite thing in all my music.  What a unique household I grew up in!



The dog was in the hallway, spaghetti on the stove

There was music coming from the small back room

In the quiet time before we set the table and sat down

We heard the melodies Dad played on his bassoon

It was such a melancholy sound that he would make

Up the scale he’d go to the highest notes

Then he’d take a big deep breath and make the sound that made us laugh

For those low notes tickled us in our funny bones

Daddy won’t you play me one more song

You know it seems I’ve been gone so long

Daddy won’t you play me one more tune

Mellow sweet and the light of the moon

I was there the other day in the place where he lives now

He was playing as I rested on the couch

As I drifted off to sleep and felt the years slip back as well

I walked the floors and touched the walls of my childhood house

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