All I Know

Meredith Reed
Meredith Reed


All I Know

My happiness relies on something that I can’t control

The thoughts within my mind attack until my brain explodes

The ground I walk is stripped away from underneath my toes

I want it all to disappear so I can be the girl I used to know

In my dreams I’m searching for the answers that I need

But sometimes all my fears are just laughing back at me

So many things I want to say, what I would have done differently

The only thing I know for sure is where you are is where I want to be

I can see you standing there without a care

It seems to me but I don’t really know

Just a few more minutes pass but that moment lasts

Forever and on and on it goes

When I wake up in my bed it’s hard to make myself believe

That this is somehow where I am, this is my life this is me

So many things I need to say what I want to do differently

And still the only thing I know is where you are is where I want to be

I gave you all I had to give but I would give it all again

Just to know there’s peace within your soul

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