Sarah Goslee Reed


A song for my daughter...when she was 12...


TIMING by Sarah Goslee Reed

My little girl called to me one night, as she got into bed,
There were tears in her blue eyes and on the pillow she laid her head
And with a sigh she said, "I just want the boys to like me"
"They will soon," came my reply, "The secret is in the timing."

"You wait for them, they wait for you
It may unfold the way you want it to
It's stars it's luck, it's a miracle,
It's what life and love is all about,"
I said to my little girl.

I remember feeling much like you at the age of eleven,
Dancing with a boy I knew, he was just barely seven-
Teen, we had so much to say, though there was not much on our minds.
We both went our different ways, the secret was in the timing.


And as the years roll on, may there be someone to remind you,
That your head may have it wrong, your heart should guide you...

There will be so many times, love will make you wonder,
Upon the wind did you hear chimes, or was it thunder?
What the future holds depends, dark skies but with stars shining;
Sometimes lovers, sometimes friends, the secret will be in the timing.


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