Cowboy on the Highway

Sarah Goslee Reed


While driving along Interstate 71 north of Columbus, Ohio, I saw a man on horseback off to my right.  When I looked back he was gone.  I wondered if he was ever really there??


COWBOY ON THE HIGHWAY   by Sarah Goslee Reed

She told him stories of the buffalo
She took him there to see them now they are no more ooh ooh ooh
She saw them in the corner of her eye
She saw him too then he drifted off a cloud in the sky


    She saw a cowboy on the highway
    She said there's no boy goin' my way

She was a dancer in the wind
Following dreams till they'd turn 'round and chase her back again
She saw him in the shadow of moonlight
By the river up against a tree or was it a trick of night



    Wind in the river, river in the wind
    Water rushin' to the sea
    Wind in the river, river in the wind
    Voices echoing, voices echoing, voices echoing

What became of her we do not know
Like the others she went the way of the buffalo ooh ooh ooh


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