Garden of Plenty

Sarah Goslee Reed


In West Virginia is a place called Big Ugly through which the Big Ugly Creek flows.  It is anything but ugly.


GARDEN OF PLENTY by Sarah Goslee Reed and  ASP friends from Harts, WVa

    We will plant (we will plant)
    Plant our garden (garden)
    Turn the ground (turn the ground)
    Into plenty (all sing plenty)
    We will plant (we will plant)
    Plant our garden (garden)
    And from one (and from one)
    There will be twenty ( all sing twenty)

Reach our hands up toward heaven
Touch the blue and blazing sky
Gently walk through the forest
Brush the branches of trees so high


Breathe the sweet air of the mountains
Feel the rain upon our face
Join our hands at the table
Share our harvest with love and grace

Ending:  And from one we’ll all have plenty!

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